The Indian kitchen that has transformed into new dimension….

From conventional kitchen to the contemporary – the color that raises spirits, the design that provides a superior aesthetic value, the apt functionality that eases your day, the experience that binds, the painstaking attention taken in all manufacturing processes for flawless performance; a kitchen to suit the morphology of each and every one of us, with your way of life and with your way of cooking for a cozy home.

Different dimensions of life….come together on one table. To relish that comes from one kitchen. Your kitchen….


For more than 8 years, five professionals that stood the test of time in the area of design development that was need driven; seasoned with the changing market scenario. Rightly understanding the value for money. Delivering satisfaction with integrity and honesty.

Dynamic in approach – be it site study, speculative presentation, high knowledge base on prevailing international trends or offering integrated personalised solution that suits your pocket, .


My Kitchen has appropriate infrastructure to manufacture and deliver modular kitchen as per exacting international standards :

–              Production facility on state-of-the-art-technology from Germany at Hyderabad. Felder edge-banding machine, Felder precision sawing machine, Felder multi-boring machine and other machines for finishing purposes at our factory.

–              Capacity to mass produce using any panel material (plywood / particle board / MDF

–              Installation team of more than 15 technicians headed by skilled supervisors

–              Design development in 3D to give realistic views

–              Marketing professionals to assist you choose the right one for your house

–              After sales service at your beck and call

Track Record

Since the inception 2 years back, My Kitchen has completed more than 180 kitchens; both individual customers and project.

Unbelievably, My Kitchen owes it’s growth to implicit confidence and thorough satisfaction it has built up.

Our work speaks volumes, be it for kitchen or bedroom across the state of Andhra Pradesh.

What can we do for you

My kitchen is for new home owners as well as for renovation of the old one.

–              Complete Modular kitchen solution

–              Wardrobe for any gender

–              Individual or project’s requirement

–              Mid price range to premium range solution

–              Delivery schedules based on your comfort timescale

–              Unassorted woodwork requirements

–              Any wood work for commercial / corporate establishment

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